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WYP's new Sports Town master plan

WYP's new Sports Town master plan

06 May 2017

Wei Yang & Partners has completed the initial phase of a conceptual master plan for Sports Town, an inspirational sports themed mixed-use development.

Sports Town – the first sports initiative of its kind in China – will establish a unique centre for sports and related industries along a magnificent costal line. The 3 sqkm development will build around a central Sports Village that consists of sports clubs, indoor and outdoor training facilities, as well as playgrounds, all of which serve both professionals and amateurs, old and young. Equally important are other key elements including a sports college, leisure sports facilities, sports health clinics and hospitals, a sports brand outlet, sports themed hotels and conference facilities, a sports business centre, and other supporting uses such as housing, retail, education, and so on. A series of new public spaces, including parks, avenues and improvement of the golden sanded beach, will collectively transform the site into a distinctive destination for sports training and tourism.

“Our vision is to bring a completely new experience into Sports Town, engage the wider public, and break the mould for sports tourism developments.” says Jun Huang, who leads the design.

The master plan scale and grain consciously preserves the area’s character: traditional villages, ancient woodlands, rolling hills, tranquil lakes and active seaside. Principles of sustainable urban drainage system and smart city design are also adopted, in order to minimise the threat of flooding and establish a healthy local eco-system.

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