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About (Services)


We have the ability to see the big picture and think beyond boundaries, linking socio-economic conditions with the physical fabric of a place. We can define opportunities, reconcile conflicting interests and build collaborative visions for enlightened clients and communities. We can capture the concept in a simple sketch, an inspirational master plan or a formal development prospectus.

Planning & Design

We are driven by a commitment to promote design excellence and truly sustainable environments, making connections between plan-making and place-making, realising grand visions in every detail. Our diverse range of skills and unique approach enable us to bring together inspirational master planning, high quality urban design, integrated mixed-use complex design, as well as sensible highway and environmental designs to create liveable cities and attractive places that are adaptable, enduring and constantly evolving.


We prepare detailed implementation strategies and design briefs for large scale master plans which illustrate our client’s vision. This holistic approach is embedded in our integrated master plans and our ability to lead multi-disciplinary implementation teams enables us to facilitate and mediate directly between developers and designers so that the best outcome can be achieved for all parties.

Research & Training

Research and training are essential complements to our work. We strive continually to improve our knowledge and extend our expertise. Working with industry peers, influential institutions, renowned universities and government bodies, we actively promote our vision of 21st Century Garden Cities and share our experience through an extensive educational network including conferences, lectures, publications and events with stakeholders.