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WYP historic village renewal project reaches a milestone

WYP historic village renewal project reaches a milestone

21 May 2018

Renewal work has reached a milestone in the historic village of Tangdong, on the golden coastline of Eastern China. The project is part of WYP master planned Jinjiang Garden Town, locally named as Talent Dream Town.

The first stage of the renewal work, which includes public realm improvement and renovation of several cultural & heritage facilities, has been executed to very high standard, according to WYP’s partner Jun Huang, who led the design and went to evaluate the implementation recently.

“ I am delighted that our approach and masterplan has been adopted by both local council and villagers. I am especially impressed by the self-motivated dedication from the locals and their high quality craftsmanship.”

The culture and heritage facilities are featured by ancestral temples, which serve both as family gathering venues as well as public spaces open to everyone, including other villagers and tourists. They showcase quintessential local culture and vernacular architecture built with the best workmanship, and are funded by donations from all family members as a way to keep the centuries old bonding.

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