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WYP provides master plan for revitalisation of a historic town

WYP provides master plan for revitalisation of a historic town

25 Jul 2016

Wei Yang & Partners has recently provided a regeneration strategy for one of the most significant towns in ancient China, Gupi, in Jiangsu Province.

Gupi has a history of 6000 years including 2600 years of township, and was regarded as an important regional city for many centuries. However, most of its heritage assets have been lost or buried by historical conflicts and natural forces and is now desperately needing a comprehensive regeneration strategy to reinvent itself.

Wei Yang & Partners was commissioned to draw up a town centre focused conservation and enhancement strategies.

Jun Huang, Design Partner at the practice, says 'We are delighted that the local council share our vision as well as our integrated approach. Our aim is not only to conserve the heritage elements and build a good looking townscape, but more importantly, establish a consolidated framework that will ensure a sustainable future for the local society, economy and environment. Moreover, in light of the ever changing new challenges in the 21st century, we would like to use the project to demonstrate and encourage cross-sector thinking.'

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