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Jun Huang Features in the Projectified® Podcast Episode

Jun Huang Features in the Projectified® Podcast Episode

25 Aug 2021

Further to sharing his thoughts with the PMI's PM Network® magazine, WYP's Design Partner Jun Huang took an interview for the PMI’s Projectified® podcast in early August.

Projectified® is a forward-looking series of conversations about hot topics and emerging trends affecting the world of project professionals, from digital transformation to artificial intelligence to career development. The episodes are published on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify and

The interview was about the future of cities in terms of how urban planners, architects and project teams are reimagining them after COVID-19, focusing on resilience, digitisation, equity and wellness. Jun thinks the Future of Cities lies in a more context-sensitive approach and more nature-based solutions.

Jun said, “Even without COVID-19, the world will be facing more complex social, environmental and economic issues because of the climate crisis, aging population and inequality issues globally. To overcome these challenges, project leaders must share a collective vision, engage all stakeholders and strive to find localised solutions through an integrated approach. In my view, the next wave of urban planning and design will be about truly sustainable and inspiring environments.”

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