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Jun Huang is appointed as a Design Council Expert

Jun Huang is appointed as a Design Council Expert

19 Apr 2021

Jun Huang has been appointed as an Specialist Expert by the Design Council. The announcement was made by Design Council today. Working with a network of active leaders and change makers across professions, Jun will provide expert advice and support the organisation’s services in the built and natural environment and beyond.

Design Council is an independent charity and the UK government’s advisor on design. It promotes the role and value of design and aims to inspire new ways of thinking drawing on design tools and techniques, encourage public debate and inform government policy.

“I am delighted with the appointment. Using design to create a better world has been my passion, which echoes the commitment from Design Council – Making Life Better by Design. “

Jun says,

“I look forward to working with other colleagues in this dynamic community of practice, using the power of design to achieve lasting results on pressing social, environmental and economic challenges, and shaping happier, healthier and more inclusive places.”

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