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Dr Wei Yang's Abercrombie Lecture Paper Selected as Featured Article

Dr Wei Yang's Abercrombie Lecture Paper Selected as Featured Article

03 Apr 2024

Dr Wei Yang's Abercrombie Lecture, "Spatial Planning Reimagined: Rekindling the Founding Spirit for the Future," has been selected by the editors of Town Planning Review as a "particularly influential piece."

In a blog published by Liverpool University Press featuring her article, Dr Yang said, "The planning profession was founded with the spirit of compassion, selflessness, and creativity. In a world desperate for humanistic solutions to tackle grand challenges, spatial planning holds vast potential when embraced as an applied social, environmental, and behavioural science discipline of global significance. I believe that we need a revival of spirit to shape a reimagined planning profession – one that is confident, creative, and impactful, with the ability to think globally and act locally.

"Innovation extends far beyond technological advancement, though new technologies are significant contributors, they do not independently revolutionise society. The fundamental driver of innovation lies in our ability to ask the right questions for the public good. By framing inquiries that challenge the status quo and encourage creative problem-solving, we unlock the potential to leverage innovation for the betterment of people, the environment, and society at large.

"Embracing the moral responsibility of fostering Truth, Beauty, and Goodness will propel the planning profession forward, repositioning it as a recognised part of the solution in the eyes of the public."

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