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Dr Wei Yang delivers the 17th Abercrombie Lecture

Dr Wei Yang delivers the 17th Abercrombie Lecture

16 Jan 2023

Dr Wei Yang delivered the 17th Abercrombie Lecture today at the University of Hertfordshire. The biannual Abercrombie Lecture was founded to celebrate the contribution of Sir Patrick Abercrombie (1879-1957), one of the world-famous authorities on town and country planning in the 20th Century.

In her lecture - Spatial Planning Reimagined: Rekindling the Founding Spirit for the Future, Wei sketched Sir Patrick Abercrombie’s legacy, limitation, and inspiration in town and country planning. She also discussed why the planning profession needs to rekindle the founding spirit and what are they. She then further explored how we can systemically transform spatial planning practice for the future. Finally, she shared the purpose of the Digital Task Force for Planning and the ambition to reinvigorate a reimagined planning profession.

Sponsored by the Town Planning Review journal, Abercrombie Lecturers represent an interesting cross-section of the best academics and practitioners in planning and related subjects. Since the series started in 1984, Abercrombie Lectures have been given by: Gordon Stephenson, Michael Teitz, Sir Howard Newby, H.W.E. Davies, Sir Peter Hall, Susan Owens, Martin Simmons, Robert Upton, Klaus Kunzmann, Michael Batty, Leonora Rozee, Edward Feser, Michael Parkinson, Ann Forsyth and Bruce Stiftel.

Wei's lecture has been published in the Town Planning Review Journal.

Free Access link:

W. Yang (2024), the 17th Abercrombie Lecture Paper: Spatial planning reimagined: rekindling the founding spirit for the future, Town Planning Review, Vol 95.1.

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