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IEMA's Transform Magazine Interview with Dr Wei Yang

IEMA's Transform Magazine Interview with Dr Wei Yang

15 Apr 2023

Dr Wei Yang's interview, titled 'Planning for the Future,' was featured as the centrepiece in Transform, the members' magazine of IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment). IEMA is a global professional body representing over 20,000 individuals and 300 organizations working, studying, or interested in the environment and sustainability.

During the interview, Dr Yang engaged in a conversation with the magazine's Deputy Editor, Chris Seekings, about how we can design our cities so that they are more sustainable and inclusive for future generations.

Dr Yang emphasised, 'Ultimately, the fundamental objectives of the planning profession must be to create a balanced system for people, nature, and society to coexist in harmony, and I believe that is the key message for all individuals working in sustainability.'

Image credit: Richard Gleed

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