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Dr Wei Yang wrote about Leveraging Innovation in the New London Agenda published today

Dr Wei Yang wrote about Leveraging Innovation in the New London Agenda published today

24 Jan 2024

The New London Agenda is launched today at the London Centre, the home of the New London Architecture (NLA). The New London Agenda is NLA’s framework for best practice in city-making — taken from 18 years of experience in London, and with direct contributions from over 400 people across public, private and charitable sectors.

During the course of 2023, Dr Wei Yang worked with the Sounding Board and NLA staff as arbitrators of the New London Agenda, steering its direction and gathering input on ideas and evidence for inclusion.

Dr Yang was invited to contribute an essay on 'Leveraging Innovation,' one of the key themes of the Six Pillars of Placemaking in the Agenda.

She wrote: “Following the path of justice can take people a long way; cities and professions are no exception.

London has served as a wellspring of innovation for centuries, with a spirit of creativity deeply ingrained in the DNA of its citizens. In the current post-pandemic world, one of the biggest challenges that London faces is the increasingly blurred boundary between the physical and virtual realms, and this challenge extends to the built environment profession.

To what extent can we influence the rapidly digitised world? The answer is clear when we revisit our purpose. As built environment professionals, we bear the responsibility for the wellbeing of the people, the natural environment, and the inclusive society we all aspire to live in. It is our ongoing responsibility in the digital era to pioneer a way forward, building upon a foundation rooted in the values of social and environmental justice.

Innovation extends far beyond technological advancement. While new technologies are significant contributors, they do not independently revolutionise society. The fundamental driver of innovation lies in our ability to ask the right questions for the public good. By framing inquiries that challenge the status quo and encourage creative problem solving, we unlock the potential to leverage innovation for the betterment of people, the environment, and society at large.

Utilising new technologies, these innovations may involve new approaches, methods, or ideas that lead to positive change and improvement in various aspects of our lives and society. As a result, innovation transcends the boundaries of technology and opens the door to a world of possibilities that can transform how we live, work, and interact with the world around us.

London can be a global stage for innovation that serves the greater good, paving the way for a brighter future for humanity, nature and our interconnected world.”

Image credit: The New London Architecture (NLA)

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