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Image of Times Square Urban Complex

Times Square Urban Complex

Beijing, China

Times Square urban complex is WYP proposed flagship project of the large-scale redevelopment of Zhong’guancun Science & Technology Zone, Beijing. The vision is to transform a dull, inefficient and incoherent urban cluster into a world-class mixed-use destination in the heart of China’s Silicon Valley.

Located on the axis between the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace, Beijing’s world-famous tech hub benefits from strategic location, important transport node, rich cultural heritage, and precious human assets - half a million university students and half a million high tech industry employees in the region. However, the value of cultural connection and community has been overlooked, which resulted in a tired business district with limited service offers and an unwelcoming urban environment that segregates communities and limits its future growth.

Driven by the desire to promote 21st Century Garden City principles, WYP’s proposal is a refreshing vertical garden city community where all shareholders enjoy high quality life, share common values, inspire each other, and work together towards a prosperous future. Totalling 3m square feet, the once dull and imposing environment will be turned into an inspiring place with a mixture of interactive uses: retail, arts, culture, sports, entertainment, offices, residential, hospitality, education, urban farm, exhibition, convention etc., all connected by low carbon public transportation and pedestrian friendly routes. Sustainability is thoroughly considered based on local climate and site conditions, passive and localised design, suitable materials and emerging technologies, as well as maintenance and whole life costs.

In essence, the masterplan for Times Square Urban Complex aims to find the balances between fast and slow, unity and diversity, life and work, man and nature.

Times Square Urban Complex image

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