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Image of Stevenage Vision 2035

Stevenage Vision 2035

Stevenage, UK

Stevenage became famous in 1946 when it was designated as UK’s first New Town, with an aim to relieve London’s post-war housing crisis. Like many, this once quiet farming town had never reached its expectation owing to planning flaws and shifting economic circumstances. Suffering from continuous decline and missed investment opportunities, it calls for considerable change.

The ambition of Stevenage Vision 2035 is to transform the neglected aging New Town into an attractive, innovative and sustainable 21st Century Garden City outside London. This vision will be implemented with a holistic approach: explore full potentials of its strategic location; consolidate its fragmented town centre fabric; create an accessible and coherent public realm; inject businesses and amenities into the lost spaces; and accommodate sustainable lifestyles to attract young talents. Along with economic and social sustainability, there’s also a strong emphasis on the environmental aspect.

Stevenage Vision 2035 combines state-of-the-art technologies with the planning principals of sustainable development. While it represents a specific response to Stevenage, the underlying principles are applicable internationally. In that sense it offers a fresh approach on revitalising aging cites.

Stevenage Vision 2035 image
Stevenage Vision 2035 image

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