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Image of Lakeside New City

Lakeside New City

Hunan, China

Lakeside New City is a major expansion of Lixian, a historic county city dated back 6000 years. As a pivotal component of WYP’s masterplan, this inspirational new urban district will become the regional economic driving force, attracting investment, accommodating population growth, and showcasing a new form of urban development.

Adjacent to the old town, the new City stretches along a 2-kilometre long waterfront formally occupied by fishing ports, workshops, warehouses and scattered farm houses without proper services. WYP’s proposal seeks to integrate the waterfront’s history with the needs of a modern community, and create an exciting agglomeration of mixed-use elements including residential, retail, leisure, arts, culture, education, offices, hospitality, and a regional sports hub. Great emphasis is also given to protecting the natural wetland and enhancing the distinctive features of the site, thus ensure a harmonious coexistence between humans and wildlife.

The significance of the Lakeside New City, apart from delivering an economic stimulus to an underdeveloped part of the city, is that it demonstrates how to develop a truly vibrant new community without compromising the delicate man-nature relationship.

Lakeside New City image