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Image of Jinjiang Sports Town

Jinjiang Sports Town

Fujian, China

Jinjiang city is famous for its passion for sports as well as its sportswear industry, which accounts for one tenth of the world’s supply. With more awareness on public health and wellbeing, the city is looking for opportunities to reposition itself and diversify its offers, shifting its focuses from product-making to more service industries.

The 300ha Sports Town, master planned by Wei Yang & Partners, sits along Jinjiang’s magnificent costal line, a section regarded as the best surfing location in the region. With a “sport+” concept, the master plan scales and grains consciously, preserves the area’s character, and creates a distinctive mixed-use sports destination comprised of sports training, clinic, leisure, education, hotels and conference facilities. Principles of sustainable development and smart city design are also adopted, in order to minimise flooding threats and establish a healthy local eco-system.

Being the first sports initiative of this kind, Jinjiang Sports Town will support the World Gymnasiade 2020, an international multi-sport event organised by the International School Sport Federation. It will also become a cruise ship destination along the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.

Jinjiang Sports Town image
Jinjiang Sports Town image