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Discovery Park

Beijing, China

Regarded as the Garden of Beijing, Daxing district has been supporting the capital with high quality agricultural products for centuries. However, in spite of its beautiful landscape and proximity to the vast urban population, it didn’t have a diversified economy and its tourism industry did not make as much contribution as it should. As part of WYP’s Integrated Tourism Development Strategy for Daxing, Discovery Park was proposed as a pilot scheme to demonstrate how to use mixed-use developments to change the rural landscape and stimulate rural economy.

Discovery Park is an innovative farm park complex with dense and varied programme aimed to draw diverse visitors to the countryside. Different to typical recreation-oriented farm parks, the scheme is intended to engage all age groups to maximise its social and educational purposes: for children, there is a sequence of creatively landscaped areas for them to learn and play; for adults, there are dedicated indoor and outdoor spaces accommodating a wide range of training and recreational activities; for families, the combination of boutique farm shops, themed open spaces, organic allotments and vernacular holiday lodges offers a unique rural experience; further, a spectacular winter garden will showcase the fascinating local wildlife in Daxing, forming a centre of exhibition, entertainment and education for all visitors.

The scheme will evolve in phases. The initial phase featured a themed restaurant, a hotel and a multi-purpose plaza for festivals and exhibitions, has already drawn in many visitors.

Discovery Park image
Discovery Park image
Discovery Park image

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