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Berkeley Square Public Realm

London, UK

In recent years, London has attracted unprecedented numbers of world class businesses and visitors into its centre. However, rapid growth also led to dense congestions in prime central locations like Berkeley Square of Mayfair, where the decline of public realm compromised the attractiveness of the place, affected quality of life and business environment, and consequently threatened its sustainable growth. The project was intended to find solutions to improve Public Realm around Berkeley Square and reshape this diverse city core.

The challenge was to create a safer environment and cohesive identity for the square without compromising its distinctive character and bustling activities. To facilitate free movement of people while maintaining smooth transit flow, WYP proposed integrated solutions including consolidation of transit routes and bus stops, more efficient vehicle parking arrangement with ample cycle parking provision, and realignment of pavements with shared surfaces and safer pedestrian crossings.

Once implemented, the rejuvenated square will relish a strong sense of a place, becoming more pedestrian friendly, more efficient as a transit node, and more attractive to business and leisure activities.

Berkeley Square Public Realm image
Berkeley Square Public Realm image