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WYP sponsors RTPI Commonwealth Summit lecture delivered by Sir Terry Farrell

WYP sponsors RTPI Commonwealth Summit lecture delivered by Sir Terry Farrell

16 Apr 2018

To coincide with the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHGM), today RTPI's most recent Gold Medal winner, Sir Terry Farrell, give the RTPI Commonwealth Summit Lecture, ‘City making: the work of many hands’.

Sponsored by Wei Yang & Partners, the lecture was one of RTPI’s flagship events this year, forming part of a wider series of RTPI events surrounding the Commonwealth Summit.

Sir Terry Farrell said:

“City making is the biggest business of the 21st Century across the globe and urban planning has a critical role to play. There is a huge demand for the very particular skill sets required, and in particular for creative, collaborative and proactive planning.

City making is huge and the UK has an unparalleled reputation for post-industrial regeneration, so my clarion call for planners everywhere is to stick their heads above the parapet, don’t hide in comfort zones or fear the consequences of taking the initiative and promoting ways forward.”

Company Chairman, Dr Wei Yang, said:

“Sir Terry Farrell is the UK’s leading architect – planner. He is a prominent voice in British architecture and planning. It is my honour to chair the lecture.

From his lecture, we are not only impressed by his achievement, but also, we should think about how we can learn from him. To make our cities truly successful, we need not only one Sir Terry Farrell, but many leaders like him in our profession.

We need to make better connections between plan-making and place making, create beautiful and climate change resilient places, promote health and wellbeing, and all in all, advance social equality in our society.”

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