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Dr Wei Yang named as a Planner’s Women of Influence for 2022 Dr Wei Yang named as a Planner’s Women of Influence for 2022

Dr Wei Yang named as a Planner’s Women of Influence for 2022

08 Mar 2022

On the 2022 International Women's Day, Dr Wei Yang was named as a 'The Planner's Women of Influence 2022'. Every year The Planner Magazine publishes the names of the most influential women in and around planning following a formal nomination and judging process. This year's award features 50 women who illustrate the breadth and depth of women who are having an influence on planning and planners across sectors and disciplines. There are women from all UK nations, from every region of England, from Ireland and from other parts of the world.

Citation from the nomination: "Wei has shown outstanding leadership of the planning profession over the last year in her capacity as President of the RTPI. Her inspirational and inclusive approach to planning has seen her embrace her ambassadorial role with passion and commitment. Wei is founder of Wei Yang & Partners in London and a leading figure in researching, promoting and implementing the 21st century garden city approach and promoting joined up thinking between different built environment professionals. Wei is no doubt one of the leading women of influence in the planning profession, inspiring others, in particular women, to be their best to do their best. A worthy candidate!"

Dr Wei Yang said: "I am delighted to be nominated by fellow peers and selected by the judges as one of the Planner’s Women of Influence for 2022. Thank you for your recognition. It is remarkable to see the breadth and depth of contributions made by women in planning and further afield. I would like to congratulate all women planners whether you are selected in the list or not, we all have been contributing our best to make our world a better place."

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