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Dr Wei Yang is named as a Net Zero Hero by Digital Leaders

Dr Wei Yang is named as a Net Zero Hero by Digital Leaders

08 Nov 2022

Today, on the World Town Planning Day, Dr Wei Yang is named as a Net Zero Hero by Digital Leaders.

The list is published to coincide with COP27, the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, to represent the top 50 individuals, initiatives, and organisations leading the way in the UK in finding solutions and taking actions to reach a Net Zero target.

Wei is listed as one of the ten Net Zero Heroes. They are individuals “whose actions in the past year have made them stand out as a leader in delivering the Net Zero agenda”. The group are formed by “innovators and action-takers, doing outstanding work in the field of decarbonisation to tackle climate change inspiring positive change in business and society”.

Wei was recognised by her championship in driving the Net Zero agenda when she was President for 2021 of Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) and her leadership in setting up the Digital Task Force for Planning to advocate for a systematic modernisation of spatial planning to achieve Zero Carbon and tackle grand challenges.

Dr Wei Yang said, “It's my great honour to be listed by Digital Leaders in their inaugural Net Zero Hero list, especially today is the World Town Planning Day.

“Spatial planning and planners play key roles in our joint effort to achieve Net Zero and tackle grand challenges. I believe this recognition is for all planners worldwide. I look forward to working with everyone across disciplines to make transformative changes needed to deliver Net Zero”.

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