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Dr Wei Yang becomes Construction Industry Council’s first female Chair

Dr Wei Yang becomes Construction Industry Council’s first female Chair

29 Jun 2023

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) has today inaugurated Dr Wei Yang as Chair at its Council Meeting. Wei replaces Justin Sullivan in this role for a two-year term of office starting with immediate effect. The appointment of Dr Wei Yang provides CIC with its first female Chair, in addition to being the first Chair born outside of the UK and Ireland.

CIC is the representative forum for the professional bodies, research organisations and specialist business associations for professional services providers in the construction industry. Founded in 1988, it provides a single voice for professionals in all sectors of the built environment through its collective membership of 500,000 individual professionals and 25,000 firms of construction consultants.

On taking up her new role, Dr Wei Yang said: “I am delighted to have become the first female Chair of CIC - a forum for built environment professionals to share our best practices without professional boundaries.

Our living environment has a direct influence on our daily activities, health, and wellbeing. The responsibility of our sector is not just building physical objects; we are here to create places embodied with empathy, inclusivity, and creativity.

Through my role at CIC, I will dedicate my efforts to strengthen interdisciplinary collaborations between built and natural environment professionals to stimulate mindset changes within the sector for a better future.”

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